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Clara De Nadal Trias - December, 30, 2020

Adriana Balcells (Barcelona, 1988) is the founder of MÁS34, the first Spanish handmade footwear brand that combines design, quality and good price.

Adriana has a degree in Business Administration from ESADE. After living in Milan for a season, she decided study fashion, began her professional career with Ralph Lauren and three years later decided to focus on the Made in Spain with a footwear company that produces all its collections handmade in Spain.

Eight years after starting MÁS34, Adriana describes herself as a working woman who likes to surround herself with people who know more than she does, to never stop learning. She is positive, optimistic, always striving to bring out the best in people and today she welcomes us to her working spaceto tell us about her professional project and her life in her hometown, Barcelona.

What is MÁS34?

MÁS34 is a footwear brand made for today's women, dedicated to meeting all the needs and different facets of a woman 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have a quite defined style that does not necessarily follow trends, but goes from sophistication to the purest comfort. What matters to us most is the durability of the product and offering quality basics, because we believe that "a MÁS34 is for life".

The MÁS34 brand was born in Barcelona... How much influence does it have on Barcelona?

The MÁS34 brand, without a doubt, carries the soul of Barcelona. Beyond its name (+34 being the Spanish telephone prefix) it offers a local proposal with a global vision, which speaks a lot about this wonderful city.

And for you... What is the best thing about living in Barcelona?

Many things, but without a doubt the climate, the sea and the cosmopolitan atmosphere that one breathes. For me, even with its faults, it's the perfect city where you can enjoy the architecture, the gastronomy, and it's also the ideal size to walk around.

Which is your favorite corner and restaurant?

In the Gothic Quarter, the street just behind the Cathedral of Barcelona. For me that street has the most beautiful walls in the whole city. And my favorite restaurant is undoubtedly Montbar in the Carrer de la Diputació, 220. They offer a carefully made menu, I am crazy about everything they do, but especially the mochi of sobrassada, nuts and cheese of Mahon.

And to finish... If someone has never been in Barcelona, what can’t they not miss?

If you come to Barcelona you can't miss a route through the city, starting at Diagonal street and walking until you reach the sea.


Interview by Clara De Nadal Trias
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