Coctelería Nº432: the place for drinks in Barcelona that everyone is talking about
Andrea Alés - December, 28, 2020

In Spain we have the perfect excuse to enjoy a drink, whenever it is needed. We celebrate successes, we seek support in defeats and above all, we always have the perfect justification for meeting friends and celebrating whatever is needed.

That is why we have to invent beverages that remind us of stories, and in the Coctelería Nº432 we have found our refuge where to do it. Located at 432 Avenida Diagonal, it is inevitable to feel the story you want to tell us, surrounded by luxury and philosophy. What better way to end this 2020 so dystopian than with a Martini in hand?

If there is one absolute protagonist that has conquered our hearts from the beginning, it is its portentous bar, behind which shine the bottles of selected brands that almost have their own personality. At the meeting point where all the conversations converge, it is impossible for the bartenders, the lighting and an endless list of some of the best spirits in the world to go unnoticed.

The cocktail bar offers an innovative 360º experience where this "liquid gastronomy" becomes a unique experience so far. From its eye-catching premises with careful lighting to the marrow, to the precise selection of music, to a sensory neuromarketing experience that delights each customer. A soft aroma with certain sweet notes accompanies us throughout the visit, which culminates in a fervent cocktail without equal.

The creation is based on the veneration of a classic drink, without adornments, respecting the elaboration times of each one of them individually. It seems complicated, but the result lives up to the luxurious expectations. And it is not a question of price, beyond that, it is the exclusivity of the brands they work with. If we add to this the value of their ingredients - all made in the premises by them - we find ourselves faced with a true work of art in liquid form.

*The price of each of the cocktails varies depending on the cocktail, ranging from 12 to 15 euros. The opening hours of Coctelería Nº432 are from 18:30 to 02:30 in the morning, from Wednesday to Sunday, although due to the restrictions by the COVID-19 it can vary.

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