Andrea Alés - October, 01, 2020

Located on Avenida Diagonal in Barcelona, halfway between Casa Milá and Casa de les Punxes, we find one of the most eclectic buildings per excellence in the city of Barcelona. The Palau de Baró de Quadras, designed by the Catalan architect Puig i Cadafalch, is without a doubt one of the most amazing buildings in all of Avenida Diagonal.

Discover with us the harmony between its different styles and forms within the same environment, just 5 minutes walk from The Passage Homes.

Josep Puig i Cadafalch built this building between 1904 and 1906 in one of the best moments of his career, as a work for Baron Manuel de Quadras in the midst of the expansion of the Catalan Eixample. Following the typical construction scheme of this period, the main floor of the building was used for the owners' house and the rest was rented out, as we can see in other examples such as Casa Milá.

Inside the rooms, open to the public for visits, we find a mixture of Gothic and Islamic inspirations with ceramic coverings and stone porticos. These details can also be seen throughout the interior: the fountain of Arab heritage, the polychrome wood and the use of yellow and blue tones.

The Baró de Quadras Palace was named a Historic-Artistic Monument of National Interest in 1976. Currently, the interior of the palace houses the main headquarters of the Ramon Llul Institute, dedicated to preserving the Catalan language and culture, where we can find a mixture of modernist, neo-Gothic and neo-Arabic styles clearly eclectic.

If you would like to visit this architectural wonder, we recommend you to reserve a Wednesday to do so, as it is the only day guided tours are available. You can book through this link

11:00 - Visits in English.
12:00 - Visits in Catalan.
13:00 - Visits in Spanish.

373 Diagonal Avenue 373, Barcelona
On foot: 5 minutes
By car: 4 minutes
Subway: Diagonal Station / Verdaguer Station

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