Clara de Nadal Trias - October, 12, 2020

Eyeglasses have long since ceased to be a mere accessory and have become what they are today, an essential element of health and style for the eyes, now more exclusive than ever in the city of Barcelona.

Choosing the right glasses, beyond the shape of our face, is not an easy task. But it becomes easier if we let ourselves be advised by professionals and acquire them in the right place. And speaking of professionals and suitable places... Today I would like to share with you the new cathedral of vision in Barcelona, an optician's shop with unique collections and a very curated selection of designer glasses with a close link to the creative and visual arts. Welcome to Framed Gang.

It opened its doors at the end of July 2019 by Rubén Martin; although as it usually happens with special places, its history began much earlier as a result of a non-conformist philosophy of life that he himself encompasses as:

"observe, rethink, create".

With more than 20 years dedicated to the world of optics, Rubén has been observing, analyzing and rethinking the strengths and weaknesses of the sector, until he managed to create a new concept of store dedicated to the glasses that surprises and at the same time meets the needs of the customer. Framed Gang was born with the aim of establishing a close relationship with their customers and their glasses, creating community (hence the title Gang) and also provide society and the city of Barcelona responsible formulas, fresh and innovative.

But perhaps the most remarkable thing about this wonderful store is not only its exquisite selection of exclusive brand glasses, beyond the typical luxury brands; but the most important premise here is that whoever is behind the whole concept is an optometrist professional "that makes us focus on the real needs of the patient, before being a customer, and not sell products with the best possible profit," he explains.

Quality, comfort, transparency, shop and after-sales service, slow-fashion consumption (responsible and sustainable fashion), commitment to the local, design, creative arts, innovation and technology are some of the values of this great ensign in Barcelona. Because, as Martin himself points out, "we flee from the commercial and the brand without any more. We offer selected products that allow us to surprise in design, comfort, exclusivity... At the same time we give a personalized service and the best possible shopping experience to our customers". And the fact is that beyond the purpose of selling a pair of glasses or sunglasses "at Framed Gang we focus on covering the visual needs of each one and we advise during the selection of the frame to find the product that fits and enhances the style of the client".


In his own words "we only work with brands and suppliers with whom we share values and way of understanding the business. We look for close partnerships, we prefer quality to quantity and that's why we work less brands than other opticians, but very well represented”.

Located in Rosselló Street 283 bis, Framed Gang wants to be a reference space for the customer, where you can find very exclusive glasses and less commercial brands such as those that already stand out in their windows: Soya, Kaleos, Andy Wolf, Alfred Kerbs, GiGi Studios, Izipizi, Mis Lupas (of ribbons and special accessories for the glasses), Annu and District Vision (exclusively in all Spain) and soon Wilde (a local brand of glasses with 12 years in the market, with a very marked rocker and daring identity and with a price according to its great quality) which will be the first brand with a specific corner in the store.

At this point, you may be asking yourself: why pay 200 euros for a pair of glasses when you can have one for much less?

The founder of Framed Gang is very clear on this: "nadie vende duros a cuatro pesetas" a commonly used expression in Spain, referring to 'you get what you pay for'.  When you buy cheap glasses, it's not just because the company that creates them is bigger and has higher margins or eliminates intermediaries. It's because you're buying a lower quality product; models copied or inspired from brands with their own designs; manufacturing that doesn't promote responsible consumption; and relative or far worse service than you might receive". Instead, here "our customers value a product with high quality materials, handmade manufacture (usually made in Europe), exclusivity, innovation in lenses and contact lenses, personalized service focused on their needs, image and style advice, and above all, the security of feeling comfortable with the purchase and that creates bonds of trust with the optician”.

As the French novelist and playwright Alexandre Dumas, creator of The Count of Monte Cristo among other great works, said:


And although he didn't mean exactly the same thing, he was right all the way.

Note: If you visit Framed Gang's physical store, and you say you come from me, they will give you a 10% discount on both viewing and sunglasses. How do you see it?

By Clara De Nadal Trias
Cool Hunting Lab

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