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Clara De Nadal Trias - March, 01, 2021

Gala Canut (Barcelona, 1985) is one of those people who are known as "beings of light". She describes herself as a strong and brave woman, who loves truth, emotions and beauty.

When you have her in front of you, you notice that she conveys her beliefs firmly and, as a result of a very specific event in her life, she is convinced that her mission is to return to the fashion world its most genuine tradition and to show how through her, the personal emotions of each client are represented in her dreams.

"Let's leave behind the rules of what goes with what or what is trendy and what is not. Fashion has to be part of that moment of our day when we feel free to express who we are at that specific moment. Every day we are different, we wake up with changed emotions and fashion can be a way to represent us", Gala Canut.

What is Vagary Kalon?

Vagary Kalon is a philosophy of life that dresses women from the inside out, while empowering them.

What does Vagary Kalon bring to Barcelona?

I would say that it is a temple of design that brings inspiration, wellbeing, illusion and magic to all women.

What is the best thing about living in Barcelona?

Everything! It’s an easy-going city next to the sea - which for me is essential -, very cosmopolitan, with a great artistic, gastronomic and cultural offer… And that, for me, is the best a city has to offer.

What is your favorite corner of the city?

Undoubtedly the Carles Tache gallery, La Casa Batlló and the restaurant La Dama, which unfortunately is now closed. I also love the Wittmore Hotel and its magnificent terrace.

And your favorite restaurant?

I would say Montbar, KaoDimsum orXemei. But I have many, because if there is something I like about this wonderful city is its great gastronomic offer.

And if you've never been to Barcelona, what can't you miss?

The Mies Van Der Rohe pavilion, a live show at the Gran Teatre del Liceu or at the Palau de la Música and of course, our atelier Vagary Kalon.

So your favorite plan is...

Waking up early and walking along the Carretera de les Aigües, or going for a bike ride to the sea. Then eat a paella on the beach, visit the Alzueta Gallery on Seneca street; followed by a massage at Blauceldona, rest a bit and get ready to go out for dinner at Estimar restaurant.


*If after reading this you feel like living the Vagary Kalon experience and meeting Gala in person, make an appointment at her website.

Interview by: Clara De Nadal Trias
More info at: CoolhuntingLab

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