Patisserie Mauri or the sweet taste of tradition
Andrea Alés - December, 18, 2020

If you had to choose a place in Barcelona where the sweet is the absolute star and its tradition moves you completely... which would it be?

Without a doubt, Patisserie Mauri could not go unnoticed in our top of legendary patisseries in the heart of the capital. Remember to wash your hands before tasting one of their croissants, because they are finger-licking good... love at first bite guaranteed!

Born to bake since 1929, the bakery has been able to combine tradition and innovation to offer fresh sweets where the only bad thing we can say is that they run out. Get to know the taste of the past in the Eixample district, a 2-minute walk from The Passage Homes.

Mmm... And what does tradition taste like?

Sweet, of course. Patisserie Mauri has been the only tea room capable of resisting the course of the years in Barcelona, although it is true that this has been partly thanks to the inclusion of sandwiches, savoury pasta and pre-cooked dishes in its menu. Even so, its strength has always been breakfasts and snacks, for informal meetings and even business talks. Today it is very popular due to its privileged location on the Passeig de Gràcia tourist route. Because... let's be honest, visiting La Pedrera tastes better with a sweet in hand, doesn't it?

Of course! What kind of people can we find enjoying a good coffee inside the Patisserie?

Among its morning public includes many ladies who make a stop in their morning shopping to enjoy a late breakfast, as the day progresses we find people from all kinds: from businessmen from all points of the Rambla to a quiet couple enjoying a cake at snack time. Of course, each and every one of them is usually a local audience, as it is not usually a very busy place for tourists.

It sounds perfect for getting to know Barcelona as a real local. What would you recommend to a curious stomach?

It's a difficult question, because if it were up to us we would try the whole menu. A lively desire. But without a doubt, you cannot leave Barcelona without trying the pastry shop and its cakes with cream. A real delight that you will never forget. But above all, we recommend that you also fall in love with its spaces and its ornate decoration. The perfect place to enjoy the sweetest touch of Barcelona.

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