Top 7 Boutiques for Women in Barcelona
Clara De Nadal Trias - December, 07, 2020

With the holidays just around the corner, you'll probably start thinking about a special look you want to wear during these days. In the end, fashion is another way of communicating, without words, who we are or who we want to be and also, thanks to it, we can bring out the best in ourselves.

But the truth is that beyond the big chains, we don't always know where to find those different and exclusive garments or accessories in our own city and even more so when we are on the road.

Fortunately, the city of Barcelona offers an endless range of brands, stores and fashion boutiques; that is why in this article, I propose a selection of the best ones dedicated to women's fashion, to give yourself a present, go shopping with your friends, find something exquisite to give to your dearest ladies or, if you are just passing through, take an unforgettable souvenir of your stay in Barcelona.

Teresa Helbig

(calle Mallorca, 184)

Teresa Helbig is a pret-a-couture brand from Barcelona for women who do not want to go unnoticed. With their own atelier in Barcelona since 1992, they are specialists in the design and manufacture of exclusive, handcrafted garments with the aim of offering each client pieces that will last through the seasons while maintaining all their strength.

Teresa Helbig has been awarded several times as the best Spanish designer in the catwalk Mercedes Benz Fashion week Madrid, and women like Taylor Swift, Saoirse Ronan, Priyanka Chopra, Zendaya, Olivia Wilde, Gwen Stefani, Daisy Ridley or Angela Bassett, are already part of the admirers of the brand, wearing it on numerous occasions.

The atelier is located in l'Eixample esquerre, and according to the new situation resulting from the COVID-19, they have adapted 100% the space to the strictest hygiene measures recommended by the Government to enjoy all its universe quietly, at ease and in total safety. They have also just launched their first collection of clothing for girls, who will undoubtedly be the powerful women of tomorrow.  Ready to be part of the #helbigang?


Santa Eulàlia

(Passeig de Gràcia, 93)

Founded in 1843, Santa Eulalia is a reference in the world of fashion. In its more than 2000 m2 you can find a careful selection of international luxury brands and collections for men and women. A universe that is completed with the tailor's and shirt shop atelier where creations are made to order with the savoir faire of the Santa Eulalia tradition and also an exquisite cafeteria with a terrace.

"My family has been linked to Santa Eulalia for more than a century. As a member of the fourth generation and together with my wife Sandra Domínguez, it is a pleasure to share the values that have made this store dedicated to fashion a reference point for luxury in Barcelona. Offering a selection of the best in the world of fashion, creating comfortable spaces where every detail is taken care of and giving the best service to our customers have marked our roadmap since 1843. A fascinating task to which we are dedicated with the same vocation with which we were born more than 175 years ago". Luis Sans, owner.


(Enric Granados 114)

After studying at the Royal College of Art in London, Barcelona designer Silvia Garcia Presas launched her brand THEAVANT. She began by showcasing in her city and selling in stores. In 2009, she opened her first store and in 2019 she opened the brand's flagship store, a space that expresses her character and her Mediterranean origin.

The world of colors and textures of her beloved mountain, of her painting and drawing classes as a child, and her passion for dancing, come together to take her to the world of fashion that she offers and it is the women who dress themselves, close and real, who are attracted to her world. She has always worked with workshops close to her community and the brand has grown hand in hand with these workshops. THEAVANT's team of women, of different ages and backgrounds, love her work and share with her their passion for fashion, good taste, class and quality clothing.

Vagary Kalon

(Rosellón 277, 5º 1ª)

Vagary Kalon was born with an important mission, to dress our body inside and out. Its founder, Gala Canut, goes far beyond the creation of beautiful clothes, because the brand's goal is to inspire us to explore new areas of fashion that suit our individual style and taste. Her dresses are limited, always unique and handmade with noble fabrics.

If you wish, you can book your appointment to have a dress designed especially for you, or if you prefer, modify the originals you see in their store. In addition, all dresses come with a healing surprise chosen especially for each customer, and as Vagary Kalon is a private universe, in order to buy one you must first subscribe online and wait for your password to arrive. Then once you are in the atelier in Barcelona you will experience all the energy that their universe is waiting to offer you. Without a doubt a magical encounter full of surprises for your soul, mind and body.


(Mestre Nicolau 10)

Bassal is a multi-brand boutique where you will find an excellent selection of local and international brands, conceived as a multidisciplinary space to enjoy with the 5 senses. Decorated with carpets, wood and steel, the mix of materials comes together and finds a magical balance. It is located next to the Turó park in one of the best areas of Barcelona to feel the local life of the city, surrounded by charming cafes and stores.

The neighborhood is also known for its buildings from the 70's and 80's by acclaimed architects such as Corsini, Coderch, Bofill and many others. Divided into two areas, the boutique offers a double atmosphere. The beige area offers comfortable clothes, made of natural fibers and soft colors. On the other hand, the blue zone is dedicated to more colorful and futuristic projects, synthetic fibers and new ways of understanding fashion. Both sides represent the dualism when it comes to dressing and how different ways of seeing the world can not only coexist but also get along.

Framed Gang

(Rosselló 283 BIS)

It is impossible not to include in this list the new vision capital of Barcelona. Framed Gang is a specialized store and optician dedicated to dressing our eyes in the best way and getting to see the best of life, with the right lenses. It opened its doors at the end of July 2019 by the hand of Rubén Martin; although as it usually happens with the special places, its history began much earlier as a result of a nonconformist philosophy of life that he includes as "observe, rethink, create".

With more than 20 years dedicated to the world of optics, Rubén has been observing, analyzing and rethinking the strengths and weaknesses of the sector, until he managed to create a new concept of store dedicated to eyewear that surprises and at the same time meets the needs of the customer. 

Because Framed Gang was born with the aim of establishing a close relationship with their customers and their glasses, creating community (hence the Gang in the title) and also provide society and the city of Barcelona responsible, fresh and innovative formulas.


(Av. del Marqués de L'Argentera, 1.B)

The footwear brand Miista was founded in 2010 in the East End of London by the Galician Laura Villasenin. The brand was launched with the intention of playing with shapes and materials without sacrificing quality, portability or price, and since then they have been designing shoes from their studio in East London.

Miista unites Laura's nostalgia for her Spanish rural heritage with a modernist feminine feeling, translating cinematic, surrealist and retrospective inspirations into timeless styles represented in Italian leathers and unexpected materials. Miista fosters an immersive environment of collaboration and creativity, which allows them to achieve their social and business goals; always creating, designing and producing beautifully crafted products locally, while working on other projects interested in improving the state of the world.

Clara De Nadal Trias
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